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Aim High Mac mini Server Colocation

Aim High! is proud to announce the availability of a Mac mini server colocation service. What does this mean to you? You can purchase an inexpensive Mac mini, have it loaded with your choice of server or application software, then have it set up at our facility in Arvada, Colorado with a high-bandwidth internet connection.

Imagine having your own web server and not having to share it with 20-30 other people! If you have a startup business and need a server but not the expense, this is a perfect way to get all of the functionality of a Mac a small inexpensive package hosted at our location.

You can have most of the benefits of having your own server without being hampered by the cost of expensive equipment, high-speed data lines, racks, power conditioning or your own support staff. The pricing is surprisingly reasonable! We can install software for you prior to putting the server online. For low cost and ease of use, consider using iTools to turn your Mac mini into a web server / ftp server. iTools can also be outfitted with additional software to give it the power of a full mail server, including a web-based mail service. If you'd like, Mac OS X Server 10.3 is also available in 10 or unlimited user licenses, giving you the power and security of UNIX and the ease of administration that makes the Mac so powerful.

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