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When is the Mac mini colocation service available?
Aim High! is ready to serve your Mac mini colocation needs today.

Does this Mac mini server run Mac OS X server?
If you wish to run Mac OS X server, you can have it installed on your Mac mini. However, a good low cost solution is to simply run Mac OS X 10.3.8 with the existing Apache web server and iTools. This means you can host a web site, provide your own domain name server, an ftp server, an SSL encryption engine and more - AND support the server tools remotely with a secure point-and-click browser-based administration tool. If you need an email server or want directory and file services, then Mac OS X server is a much better solution. Either way, we can set up the server for you and install all software.

Do I get my own Mac mini?
Yes! One customer to one mini is our plan.

How does my Mac mini get set up?
We will purchase the Mac mini after you've requested service, set it up as requested (Mac OS X + iTools  or Mac OS X server), and get it on line.

How do I control the Mac mini?
You can either use the iTools admin tool, Apple Remote Desktop or Timbuktu. Let us know which way you'd like to go and we'll add the cost of the software to your order. You can get a free evaluation copy of Timbuktu here and try it out for 30 days.

What if I need to reboot?
If you're currently logged onto the server using Apple Remote Desktop or Timbuktu, you can simply go to the Apple menu and choose "Restart..", otherwise call our help desk and they can physically reboot the machine.

What about hardware failure?
If the units have a hardware failure, we can have them repaired for you at your cost. We highly recommend purchasing an AppleCare Protection Plan for your Mac mini server.

What applications or other software can I run on my Mac mini?
You may run whatever software you like as long as it does not violate our acceptable use policy, which basically says no open relays, no illegal activity and no SPAM.

Can I use my Mac mini as a backup server?
Definitely. You can use Retrospect on your desktop computer to backup your important information to your Mac mini server.

How much does it cost?
See our pricing page.

Do I get my own IP address?
Yes. Each Mac mini colocated with Aim High  has a unique, routable IP address.

What about a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)?
In addition to a static, routable IP address, each Mac mini is given a unique host name like: yourchoice.yourdomain.com

Can I change my bandwidth plan in the middle of the term?
You may change your bandwidth plan twice during the term of the contract.

How fast is the network?
Standard pricing is for our main network with dual T1's. If additional bandwidth is required please contact us for pricing.

Do I have physical access to my Mac mini?
No. In order to maintain security we do not allow access to the Mac mini server farm.

What if my mini needs to be serviced?
We will either service it for you or ship it back to you (at your cost) for service. As mentioned earlier, an AppleCare Protection Plan is an excellent idea for your Mac mini.

Can other people access my Mac Mini?
You are the administrator of your Mac mini server and therefore you're the only person who has administrative access to the server. You can share the access to your Mac mini if you wish.

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